What is DGR? drift, grip, racing, you get the idea? That’s all you need. 
We have duty to satisfy your need.

Your feel, feedback & voice are most import things to us.
We have always been focusing on high-quality products, service and support.
You can enjoy the high-end suspension technology.

Our passion for innovations and technology motivates us to keep trying and trying for the next generation of advanced suspension technology. Everything made in our private facilities to get the best quality control and certificated with quality assurance TUV ISO9001. State-of-the-art design and technology are always our goal, let us bring it to your life.

DGR coilovers, do whatever you want !


Spring Tester
Depth Gauge
CNC Machine
Damper Tester
CNC Tools
2D Optical Comparator
Height Gauge


DGR Coils, do whatever you want ! Philosophy : Honesty, Lean, Innovation Quality policy : Quality first, Customer Prior

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