Street and daily use, can be occasionally track use.

Monotube shocks which dissipate heat better, allows finer damping adjustment and requires a more expensive design process compared to twin tube shocks.

Pillowball upper mounts also have camber adjustability. This is extremely helpful when you need to dial in your camber for vehicle alignment purpose.

Height adjustment independent of spring compression.



Top Mount

Pillowball or Camber plate as standard (if available), Koyo bearing, Forged 6061-T6 Aluminum plate, bright dip anodizing.


Premium Spring 

Made of SAE9254 steel, Anti-rust treatment, Paint treatment, with a special premium alloy that offers superior performance, longevity, and ride quality.


Forged Spring Perche

Forged 6061-T6 Aluminum, bright dip anodizing.


Shock Absorber

Electrophoretic Deposition process for the shock body to increase anti-rust.
Spindle is coated with chromium, to decease coefficient of friction.
New designed valve with valve control is the key for comfortable.
France made high VI Total synthetic shock oil.

Lower Mount 

Made of Carbon Steel with Electrophoretic Deposition and Powder-Paint Coating. Electrophoretic Deposition process offer better Anti-rust. Every position fit OEM.


Dust Boots & Bump Stop 

A strut bump stop and protection boot are key elements within the suspension assembly, as they prevent dust and moisture from damaging the piston surface and seal, while also protecting the piston rod from corrosion due to road pollution.

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